Thank you for all your assistance.  Without you, I probably still wouldn't be at work or feeling better.  I was able to return to work full duty, due to your outstanding work.

I returned to work full duty on 6/18/20.  Thank you for doing a great job.  I enjoyed having someone who actually cares about the people they are assigned.  It was a pleasure to have you in my corner.

I am glad that I had you as my nurse, you really helped me out and probably saved my life because I was getting frustrated and gave up with my blood pressure but you stayed on my case about my blood pressure until the doctor changed my medicine.  Thank you again for everything.

We appreciate your knowledge, hard work, and dedication which definitely makes a difference in delivering quality care to our customers.  Thanks again for all you do.
-- Travelers Claims Dept

It has been such a pleasure to work with you.  I really appreciate your dedication and determination to do a great job for our clients.
-- SP/Travelers Insurance

I want to recognize your outstanding and aggressive file management.  Terrific job trying to work with an uncooperative doctor and keeping on top of the medical issues as well as the claims issues.  Thanks for a great job!
-- Travelers Insurance

Rosie has been in contact with me several times and has been most helpful.  She is to be commended on her follow-through, her interest, and her concern and I sincerely appreciate her time and attention.  She is absolutely great.  She not only follows procedures to help but goes beyond the call of duty.

Needless to say, you are one of my favorite nurses and without a doubt my favorite dancing nurse.  As far as the file review, I could not have done it without you.  Thank you again and if I am blessed enough to get the CAE position, the sad part will be not working with you on files.-- Travelers Claims Examiner

You did an absolutely wonderful job with all of my folks.  Really great colleagues are such a blessing and you were. I cannot thank you enough!
-- Leave and Disability Specialist/Times Publishing Company.

The ACHA audit is over and we passed with no recommendations.  Your files were part of the audit and you did a great job on the files chosen.
-- Travelers Insurance

You are doing an awesome job with all your members.  Your care plans and activity notes are detailed and paint a good picture of your member’s needs and concerns.  They should be happy, they have you involved in their care!-- Omega Healthcare.

We appreciate you and I thank you for your dedication to your members and Omega. Well done and recognition well deserved!! We can tell that you love your clients and that you are a true nurse at heart. We need more of you in the profession. Looking forward to your continued years of servicing our clients.
-- Omega HealthCare