Nurse Consultant Services

What services does a nurse consultant offer?

Identify problems, develop workable solutions, and resolve problems for healthcare facilities
Offer medical and nursing education to patients, families, healthcare professionals, and healthcare facilities
Design customized care plans for patients to promote wellness
Provide referrals for durable medical equipment, medical supplies, homecare, and community resources
Review treatment care plans and develop new ways to ensure the patient’s well-being and safety
Provide an insider’s view on medical issues to legal professionals
Work safety management
Empowering interventions
Preparing and planning in pregnancy
Support Group identification and referrals
Continuous follow-up with the client, insurance carrier, and physician
Health Management and continuous assessment
Referrals to in-network providers
Negotiating costs for home care services when appropriate
Transition to work after pregnancy or injury
Lifestyle changes and behavior modification
Financial options for clients
Emotional support for parents of premature babies
Collaborate with providers to ensure that the client receives appropriate cost-effective care
Telephonic assessment to determine the client’s needs
Help families understand what to expect during their course of treatment and how their available insurance benefits work
Education pre and post hospital stay
Telehealth services
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