Nurse Consultant

Nurse Consultant

What is a Nurse Consultant?

Nurse consultants are nurses who usually identify a problem or challenge that needs immediate attention for an organization to resolve.  A nurse consultant can assist with improving the quality of patient care while maximizing cost savings and helping to prevent re-hospitalization. A nurse consultant functions as an advocate, educator, and facilitator to ensure that the clients receive the appropriate care at the right time, in the correct setting, and at the right cost.

A nurse consultant will contact a client before an elective hospital admission to ensure that they are prepared for their recovery once they are home.  Following a hospital stay, a nurse consultant will contact the client to assess their understanding of their discharge medications and treatment plan as they transition back to their home.

What happens when a problem is not addressed?
It can cause the organization money
It can impact the organization’s reputation
It can cause the organization to be at risk of losing funding, accreditation, or licensing

Rosie Moore is well versed in disease management for chronic care, home care, maternity care, and workman’s compensation.  As a nurse consultant, she understands that a person’s health involves a number of factors.  This is why it is important to assist the person in implementing a lifestyle change through medical guidance to promote well being.  Rosie works with the patient and their family, specialty care physicians, insurance companies, long term care facilities, and primary care physicians.  Her primary focus is education and the wellbeing of her clients.  She accomplishes this by collaborating with the member’s primary and specialty physicians. Her goal is to ensure that the patient is compliant in treatment and medication compliance in order to decrease hospital readmission rates.

High-risk pregnancies such as multiple births and maternal illness can cause stress and anxiety for expectant parents which in turn can lead to high-cost claims for health plans.  A nurse consultant can case manage the client through this difficult time and help lower the risk of complications in pregnancy and delivery.  The nurse consultant will manage the client early on at the diagnosis of pregnancy in order to identify early on any potential problems or challenges. By reducing the pre-term birth a positive impact can be made on the wellbeing of the baby, the parents, and the claim costs.

Having a baby is a wonderful experience for new parents and family, however, when a birth complication occurs or disease is present in a newborn, this can be an extremely difficult time for all parties involved.  A nurse consultant will be able to manage the needs of the baby to ensure that the family has adequate support and resources.

She will attend medical appointments with her workman’s compensation clients to facilitate treatment following an injury and safe return to work. She is able to work with employers to ensure safe work environments and coordinate alternative accommodations for light-duty work restrictions.