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Rosie Moore is a nurse consultant with a background in legal nursing, disease management, and worker’s comp. She has worked many years in corporate America to develop her organizational and problem-solving skills to help both her patients and organizations that she serves.   She has a genuine love for people and this has helped her understand what each client needs.  She attributes her success rate to focusing on the identification of a problem or challenge, developing a workable solution and empowering those involved to implement it.

Rosie Moore

She pursued her Doctorate of Nurse Practice so that she can develop a transition program for parents of premature babies.  Studies have shown that 1 in 5 parents have contemplated suicide while having their baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  Her program will help to decrease the stress level that the parents face as well as readmission to the hospital due to complications of prematurity.  Rosie is passionate about The Gift of Life because she is the parent of a premature baby born at 1lb. 10 oz. and 27 weeks, a true miracle. She went through all the struggles that each parent who has a baby born early faces. She understands the struggle and although she can’t stop prematurity and the feelings that go along with it, she can provide support through her organization.  She supports mothers with her doula services because part of decreasing maternal stress is preventative care and she believes that good prenatal care starts with the services of a doula to guide the mother along the way to a healthy childbirth. Rosie is licensed as an RN in 35 states through the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC).

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Marcus Moore

Marcus Moore has officiated weddings since the Spring of 2008, he is also the Business Manager for 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting.  He serves on the Board of Directors for the Gift of Life, a not for profit that serves the parents of premature babies.

His background has been grounded in the Counseling ministries as this is one of his gifts that he brings to each couple he has the privilege to marry.  At an early age, Marcus longed to reach out to hurting people and become acquainted with his own share of suffering and loss as a child growing up in a broken home.

This backdrop has led him to serve in several functions and positions in both Christian Ministry and Secular Programs related to serving others and teaching them to apply their faith to life’s sometimes difficult circumstances through the art of listening and exercising the gift of Mercy to those in need.  Marcus is  Certified as a Prepare-Enrich Counselor and helps engaged and previously married couples to discover their strengths and challenge areas through the Prepare-Enrich customized assessment. Visit www.Prepare Enrich.com for more information.

His services include one on one counseling; crisis intervention; and family reconciliation therapy to those that may be suffering in addiction and/or emotionally scarred by personal loss or tragedy. Marcus has an Associate Degree in Business as well as a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from the University of Rutgers.  He is in the process of pursuing a Master’s Degree in Divinity/Counseling at Palm Beach Atlantic University Orlando Campus.

You may contact Marcus by email and/or phone. Marcus.thegiftoflife27@gmail.com or moore@sensationalceremonies.com
Anitra Manning

Anitra Manning Sommerfeld is a Certified Professional Life Coach specializing in Transformational Goals and Relationships. Anitra serves people that have lost sight of who they are and where they are going in life. Through loving guidance, Anitra has been able to get individuals on track with loving themselves, getting past obstacles, discovering career, purpose, overcoming hurt, strengthening relationships and uncluttering their lives.

“Confusion Causes Accidents When You Don't Know Where You're Going In Life” is her motto.

Anitra Manning Sommerfeld’s educational background consists of an MA, Certified Professional Coach, Practitioner of EFT-TFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), and practitioner of REBT-CBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy). She is always looking to add on to her skills that she uses to assist her clients. “Balance” is the result.

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